Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Do you carry insurance?

A. Yes we have five million dollars in liability insurance just in case something happens to your home while we are working on it. We are also covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board in case one of our staff gets hurt.

Q. I am thinking of redoing my bathroom. Do you pick out the toilet, sink and shower/bathtub?

A. No, you get to pick them out. We work closely with some very good fixture suppliers and will be happy to recommend them to you. In addition to that we will look after the purchase and delivery of them for you if you like.

Q. How much do you do yourself and how much do you subcontract out?

A. We do almost everything ourselves as this helps us keep the quality at its highest level. If something is subcontracted out we keep a very close eye on it.

Q. Can I have windows installed in the winter time?

A. You can have windows installed all year round. When doing them you only have a hole in your wall for a few minutes until we can get the new one in.

Q. Do you look after getting building permits?

A. If needed we can look after them. In many cases you do not need them if it is a renovation to an existing space, ie new kitchen cabinets to replace old ones, redoing you bathroom, etc.

Q. Are renovations messy?

A.. They can be at times, however we make sure that at the end of the day everything is picked up and cleaned up.

Q. I am thinking of redoing my kitchen, how long will I be without a kitchen to eat and cook in?

A. This will vary according to the work involved ,from a couple of days to a week or more depending on what you would like to have done.

Q. Other information on your web site shows you doing a large variety of work, why?

A. The reason being is that we want you as a client for life. If you want a deck this year we will do it. Next year when you need new windows we want you to think about us as well.

Q. Do you do kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc.

A. Yes, if you can dream it we can build it. If you do not see a specific picture on the web site we have many others available for you to look at. When people are not sure of what they would like often a picture will help.

Q. Who are your clients?

A. The majority of our work is for the homeowner, however we do have some clients in the commercial and institutional sectors as well.

Q. Can I get some references?

A. Yes, we will be happy to give you names and numbers of some of our satisfied clients upon request.

If you have questions not answered here please feel free to e-mail us your questions.